Spain. A fire in a nightclub in Murcia leaves one dead

Spain.  A fire in a nightclub in Murcia leaves one dead

At least 13 people died and six others were poisoned by A Fire at Teatre de Murcia nightclub (Southeast Spain) in the Las Atalaya area, according to the local emergency coordination center.

Authorities explained that the fire started early Sunday morning. In the theater area HTwo nearby nightclubs were also affected. Additionally, they emphasized that these entertainment centers were set up in industrial warehouses that may not meet basic safety standards.

Once the fire is under control, the causes of which are currently unknown, efforts are directed to locate a number of people It is not unlikely that the bodies of more victims will appear during the day.

The police explained that The process of identifying the victims will take several days The scientific police and the homicide team have been working at the fire scene since this morning.

Nightclub fire in Murcia, Spain AP

The authorities explained that The building where the fire occurred was previously the same businessBut they divided it into two parts. In one of them, where most of the damage to the structure occurred, most of the deceased were also found.

Medical ambulances and transport vehicles belonging to the Emergency and Health Department 061 headed to the scene of the fire to provide care for the injured.

The mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta, posted a message on the social networking site X in which he confirmed that the authorities are continuing to work to clarify what happened.

The city council empowered the city’s sports palace Psychological care center For family members and affected people.

While the President of the Murcia Region, Fernando Lopez Miras, also expressed his concern about what happened and confirmed that Emergency services are working at the nightclub The theater two hours after the fire was extinguished.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also transferred him “Affection and solidarity” for the fire victims and their relatives with a message published on X, the same network chosen by the leader of the Popular Party (PP), Alberto Bonez Viejo. The two politicians expressed their gratitude to the emergency services in Murcia for their work in this tragedy.

This is not the first time that A Fire in the theater. Fourteen years ago, an overload on the electrical grid caused the building to catch fire and it had to be evacuated.

On this occasion, a large emergency apparatus was deployed in the area, which was able to contain the fire quickly, without causing any casualties.


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