Waifu was rescued by the Japanese Navy – Kudasai

Waifu was rescued by the Japanese Navy – Kudasai

Last weekend, Japanese beaches witnessed an unusual incident involving the beloved waifu animal.Kantai Collection“especially, Fuyutsuki. The situation went viral and became a topic of discussion on social media across Japan.

The strange story began when a series of paintings containing pictures of different girls from the “Kantai Collection” were placed near the sea. However, due to strong autumn winds that hit the area, Fuyutsuki’s painting suffered an unexpected fate and ended up falling into the water.

Fans and facility staff quickly noticed that only five of the six waifu boards were in place, sparking a frantic search for the missing board. Finally, Fuyutsuki was seen floating near the pier, in a situation that not only worried Kantai Group followers, but also captured the attention of passers-by and tourists present at the scene.

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The peculiarity of the situation did not end there, as members of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, who were patrolling the area, approached the Fuyutsuki Commission as if it were a real rescue operation. The sight of these brave members of the armed forces ‘rescuing’ a waifu in trouble has gone viral on social media, giving rise to a wave of memes and funny comments.

The story of Fuyutsuki and his “rescue” by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces became a viral phenomenon that transcended the “Kantai Collection” fan community. This unusual incident once again demonstrates the passion and creativity of followers of Japanese popular culture, who did not hesitate to turn an unusual situation into a phenomenon worth remembering.

fountain: Otakumo

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