Spain cancels use of face masks indoors

Spain cancels use of face masks indoors

Utilization face mask On the interior It will not be mandatory Spain, as reported by the Minister of Health, Carolina Daria, to the Regional Council for the National Health System (CISNS). But when will this measure take effect?

As determined by the Minister, the face mask It will remain mandatory in public transport, hospitals and nursing homes; For both workers and visitors. The same applies to people with mild symptoms of COVID-19.

By this scale,

It will join other European countries that have previously authorized the discontinuation of use face mask On the interiorsuch as France, UK, Germany, Iceland, Norway, etc.

When will the inner face coverings be phased out?

It is reported that the Cabinet on April 19 Spain He will approve the measure and it will come into effect the next day, that is, after Easter.

Also specific details about the use of face mask They will be specified in certain places in the decree which will be published on 20 or 21 April in the Official Gazette of the State (BOE).

In this way it is imposed

face mask
On the interior It will completely normalize coexistence Spain; Especially after agreeing not to use the mask in empty spaces and that people with mild symptoms have not been tested or isolated.

Recommendations for the prevention of cases of COVID-19 in Spain

Experts recommend using face mask They are maintained responsibly, particularly in vulnerable populations: those over 60, pregnant women and anyone with an illness that makes them more likely to get seriously ill than


It has been determined that one of the ways to avoid infection is to keep one and a half meters a safety distance and inside the interior Where there is no good ventilation, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, cinemas, museums, bars, workplaces, use face mask.

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