The United States will maintain its “don’t come” message to immigrants after the end of Title 42

The United States will maintain its “don’t come” message to immigrants after the end of Title 42

The White House Confirmed that when commented in May Address 42the health rule under which he expelled illegal immigrants during the pandemic, and his message will remain the same as he sent when he was president Joe Biden He came to power over a year ago: “Do not come“.

This was stated by a White House spokeswoman, Jin PsakiPending plans until the controversial May 23 Address 42through which the United States deports most undocumented immigrants who reach its southern border, without giving them the opportunity to seek seek refuge.

We will continue to take new steps to Implement And make clear that this is not the time, and that there will still be meaningful procedures for anyone trying to immigrate irregularly to the United States. Psaki In his daily press conference.

The speaker He answered yes to a later question about whether the “don’t come” message Biden sent to illegal immigrants shortly before he came to power in January 2021 would still be the message the White House sent once its implementation was halted in May. Address 42.

That message “Now not Nowadaysof immigrants traveling north were first dispatched by the current National Policy and National Security Advisers, respectively, Susan Rice and Jake Sullivan, in December 2020.

In an interview shortly after the election BidenRice and Sullivan attributed this message to the fact that former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) has left.”severely Consists“Asylum infrastructure in the country.

They emphasized that it would take “months” to fully re-establish the asylum process in the United States the border With Mexico, Biden himself later added that he calculated that the time he would need to reform this system would be half a year.

However, the White House He has since avoided changing that message, shielding him from criticism of Title 42 arguing that it was a “public health” measure protected by the pandemic and run by the government. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Announcement Center for Disease Control That in May will lift this measure, which was applied for the first time under a mandate trumpexempted human rights organizations that have Criticize.

It also sparked intense criticism from the Republican opposition, to the point that its leaders ArizonaAnd the Louisiana And the Missouri I filed a lawsuit Biden thus.

The Democratic Party He publicly celebrated the end of the measure, but in private concerns it circulated about the possibility of generating a wave of immigration that would lead to humanitarian crisis border and could hurt their choices in the November legislative elections.

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