Sputnik V vaccine could be approved by the end of 2021


According to information from Reuters, the Russian vaccine against Covid-19, Sputnik, by the end of 2021 by the World Health Organization (Who is the), the organization’s chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said.

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“There are some legal documents that both parties have to sign before the process can continue,” Swaminathan said during an interview.

After this stage, the WHO resumes the evaluation of the file and schedules the date of the inspection, in order to give the green light for the authorization of the emergency use of the vaccine from the Aesthetic Center in Moscow.

Although Somya did not give a specific date, he emphasized that “if the documents are signed in the next two days, after which the evaluation will resume, it is very likely that the inspection will also take place until the end of the year and the process may be completed.”

It is important to remember that in mid-June, the WHO halted the vaccine review process Sputnik Because a group of experts discovered irregularities in one of the production plants located in Ufa. At that time, the evaluation of the Russian vaccine was halted due to non-compliance with some legal procedures.

Sputnik V vaccine could be approved by the end of 2021

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At a press conference attended by the United Nations and Who is the He presented a new plan to achieve the vaccination of 40% of the world’s population before the end of 2022, and stated: “Now I am pleased to inform you that in the discussions we have had with the Russian government, this problem has not yet been resolved. Once these processes are completed, we will be able to resume the procedure” .

currently Who is the He approved seven vaccines against Covid-19, and despite the vaccine Sputnik It has been widely administered in Russia and countries such as Mexico, and the mandate of international organizations is still lacking.

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