Street Fighter 6 has become a reality, the sequel to the legendary fighting game

finally. Capcom has announced a new release in one of the most legendary fighting game stories in history, Street Fighterwhose first game arrived 35 years ago, in 1987. And although the announcement was made through a very brief preview, we were actually at least able to confirm the existence of the new game Street Fighter 6 It’s in development, although it will likely take time to arrive.

Street Fighter V It arrived in February 2016, and although Capcom has since released several expansions, including several character packs, it’s been 6 years since the last major installment of the franchise. For fans, it’s time for a new release, and Capcom has confirmed it now Street Fighter 6 In development, with a short video teaser Where we see the unmistakable Ryu about to face Luke in combat, a character who arrived in the latest DLC from SFV.

The question is, when will we be able to play the new Street Fighter? Capcom has not announced a release date yet, but it is likely not this year 2022. According to the company’s announcement, we can expect more news from Street Fighter 6 In the middle of this year. Next we hope to see what changes the game will bring to combat and other news. In the meantime, we will continue Haddocken! On SFV Or another game of the saga to make the wait more enjoyable.

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