What is WhatsApp Plus and how do I install it on my cell phone?


The mobile app for instant messaging The WhatsApp It’s one of the most used phones in the world, so hard to find a smartphone in Mexico that doesn’t have this apps installed.

The lesser known thing is that there is an unofficial version of it, it’s called Whatsapp plus. This is an unauthorized update, however, it has become popular among users recently. You can find it on the web, download it and install it on your phone to enjoy the improvements. These are the details.

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What improvements does Whatsapp Plus include?

The list includes access to the use of exclusive codes; security and privacy system renovations; Possibility to hide your contacts when you are “online”; Activate the new “Do Not Disturb” mode; recovery of photos that have been deleted from a conversation, including viewing of deleted states; Finally, it offers more specific customization options within the app.

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How can I download Whatsapp Plus?

As mentioned, it’s not an official update, so you won’t find it in Google Play Store nor in App Store from Apple. There are at least three safe sites where you can download the updated version of Whatsapp, without worrying about computer viruses, we are talking about them softmanyAnd the APK Unlimited And the Android forever.

Keep in mind that you will first have to remove the version you have installed on your device, as well as everything related to it. To do this, access the Settings menu, then the Applications section, and then type “Whatsapp” in the search bar. Once you do that, all you have to do is go to one of the sites mentioned above, and download the APK of WhatsApp Plus.

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