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Do you have a device ? There are many people who have a mobile phone in their hands. However, they are unaware of all the components that they have: among them are the small holes located in both the upper and lower regions. What are they? Here we will tell you what it is.

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Just as there is a slot for removing the NanoSIM and MicroSD slot, there is another slot very close to the area above. Do you really know what the purpose of this mysterious cell phone slot is? ? Here we remove all doubts.

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What is the small hole in the base of the ANDROID CELL phone

  • First of all, this differs from the NanoSIM and MicroSD slot because when you press it with the key or the pin, the tray does not come out.
  • Most cell phones have a hole in the bottom area, right next to the charging port, where the microphone is stored. If you think that the speaker also has the peculiarity of playing as a microphone, you are wrong.
Do you really know what the purpose of that little hole in the top of your mobile phone is?
  • But not only that, some Android terminals also include another hole that is very similar to the one below. What is that? You are definitely wondering.
  • Well, it is also another microphone and the peculiarity of this second slot is that it is responsible for reducing or canceling noise from outside or from your environment.
  • In this way, your calls will be more clear and you will not hear, for example, what is happening in construction, traffic, etc.

How to block spam calls on your Android phone

  • Download the app .
  • If your device has an Android operating system, it may arrive by default, otherwise you will have to download it.
  • Open the app and tap on the three vertical dots icon present in the upper right corner.
  • Click here on “Settings” and then on “Caller ID & Spam”.
  • There you have to enable the three options: “Show caller ID and spam”, “Filter spam calls” and “Verified calls”.

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