Study says Lambda variant of COVID-19 may evade the protective effect of vaccines


A study published on the portal showed that the new Lambda type of Covid-19, which is spreading in South American countries, is more contagious and may avoid the protective effect of coronavirus vaccines. bioRxiv.

The study indicates that there are cases of Covid with a lambda variant in at least 26 countries, mainly in Peru, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile, and commented that infections in the latter were on the rise despite high vaccination rates, indicating that the variant could avoid anti-protection. For viruses conferred by vaccines.

“There was a significant increase in COVID-19 in Chile in the spring of 2021, indicating that the lambda variant is able to escape vaccination-induced antiviral immunity.”The document is highlighted.

A Japanese study indicates that the spike protein in lambda variant is more contagious It is attributed to the T76I and L452Q mutations. Whereas, the RSYLTPGD246-253N mutation is responsible for avoiding neutralizing antibodies conferred by vaccines against COVID-19.

“Our data suggest that there are at least two viral features in the Lambda variant: increased viral infection—due to T76I and L452Q mutations—and antiviral immune resistance—due to RSYLTPGD246-253N, L452Q and F490S mutations.”. The article says.

In the study, they showed that three mutations confer resistance to antiviral vaccine-induced immunity, and two more contribute to increased viral infection.

“Our data indicate that the introduction of the RSYLTPGD246-253N mutation is closely associated with the massive spread of Lambda type infection in South America.”As he claimed.

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