“Subway,” the unproduced DisneyToon movie

“Subway,” the unproduced DisneyToon movie

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In November of this year, sketches and concept art for the “Metro” movie were leaked, which was to be part of Disney Pixar’s “Cars” (2006) universe, along with DisneyToon’s “Planes” (2013).

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Project director Steve Lotter, known for his work on TV series “Kim Possible” and “Penguins of Madagascar,” provided details via his Twitter account. Lutter says they worked on the idea for 4 years, but it was finally scrapped due to the DisneyToon animation studio closing in 2018.

The film, in addition to being directed by Lotter, would have been co-directed by Sunil Hall, an artist storyboard who has worked with companies like Nickelodeon, DreamWorks, and Disney. The art of the film was responsible for Ryan Carlson, production designer at DreamWorks.

According to Luther, the film’s story was a cross between two other films, although he does not say which one exactly, he does mention that the first was by Walter Hill from the 1970s and the second by Martin Scorsese from the 1970s. 1980 Likewise, he says that the story would have taken place in real time, without long intervals.

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He also mentioned that the film was starring Jermaine Fowler and Raphael Saadiq on the soundtrack. While working on the project, they partnered with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the MTA, which is the entity responsible for public transit in New York City, where the story was supposed to take place.

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