Summary and goals of Algeria 1-0 Ivory Coast in the African Nations Championship | 01/27/2023

Summary and goals of Algeria 1-0 Ivory Coast in the African Nations Championship |  01/27/2023
12:12 3 hours ago

Thank you all for joining us in this intense duel with an exciting ending, it has been such a pleasure to be with you all. See you all again!

12:04 3 hours ago

The triple change of the Algerian team, which seeks to defend these minutes with everything

12:01 3 hours ago

Maheus pays the penalty kick and puts the Algerian team very close to a place in the semi-finals

11:58 3 hours ago

After the VAR review, the referee signals a penalty kick and Algeria will have the opportunity to advance from the penalty spot

11:573 hours ago

The referee goes to the VAR to review a possible penalty kick for Algeria

11:553 hours ago

The referee added four minutes of extra time

11:543 hours ago

The Algerian players demand a penalty for possible handball after Abdelaoui’s shot

11:52 3 hours ago

Aka’s shot is wide after a corner kick, but the Algerian goalkeeper takes the ball

11:353 hours ago

20 minutes to go with no chances at the moment, and the match will be decided in extra time

11:203 hours ago

The side center was shot by Mahios, but the ball went wide

11:203 hours ago

Maheus’ header, which was saved by the Ivory Coast goalkeeper without problems

11:124 hours ago

The second part started with a change from the Ivory Coast team

10:56 4 hours ago

We start the first half with a zero draw and remember that both teams already have ten players

10: 494 hours ago

The referee added six minutes of extension

10:42 4 hours ago

Mokhtar Belkhitir’s shot is blocked by the Ivorian goalkeeper

10: 394 hours ago

The change in Ivory Coast after the expulsion, the coach rebuilds the team by entering Gabbay in place of Wayo.

10: 354 hours ago

Finally, the referee will review Atohula Yao’s action on Pelkheter and send off the Ivory Coast player, so there will be a 10v10 on the field.

10: 324 hours ago

Belkheter stays on the ground and complains about a blow from an opposing player

10:284 hours ago

Yellow card for Diarsouba, the first for the Ivorian national team player

10: 244 hours ago

Goalkeeper Shawl enters the goal after the goalkeeper was sent off, and the sacrificed player is Kandousi.

10:234 hours ago

The Algerian national team has ten players left after the red card of goalkeeper Guendouz, after reviewing the video assistant referee

10:135 hours ago

Mehios’ header was saved by the goalkeeper and his clearance of the Ivory Coast player almost ended inside his own goal, but he ended up hitting the post.

10:11 5 hours ago

The side free kick Diarasouba crossed and hit the far post only by Aziz, but he sent the ball high when he had it all in his favour.

10:08 5 hours ago

El Daoui was the first for the Algerian national team, but his header hit the post and ended up in the goal

10:01 5 hours ago

The match started, and it was the first possession of the match for the Ivory Coast

9:525 hours ago

The players are ready in the dressing room tunnel to jump onto the pitch

9:32 5 hours ago

Algeria has not played since 2011 in the semi-finals of the African Nations Championship, where it lost to Tunisia, 1-2

9:275 hours ago

Ivory Coast has not played in the semi-finals since 2016. That year they lost in the semi-finals to Mali, although they beat Guinea to achieve third place.

9:22 5 hours ago

In one hour the match between Algeria and Ivory Coast will start, and both the preview and minute by minute of the match can be followed here on VAVEL

8: 526 hours ago

Ivory Coast started 2023 with three friendlies, crushing Mauritania, drawing Cameroon and beating Libya. While in this tournament they started with a minimal loss against Senegal, drew zero in the second against the Democratic Republic of the Congo and closed the group stage by getting a ticket to the quarter-finals after winning 1-3 against Uganda. Finally, he managed to rank second in Group B with 4 points.

8: 476 hours ago

Algeria drew 0-0 before entering this tournament against Ghana. In the first match, they beat Libya 1-0, in the second against Ethiopia, and in the third they beat Mozambique. They won all three group stage matches and added nine points, finishing first in Group A.

8: 426 hours ago

A total of 19 times these two teams have faced each other with a balance suitable for the Ivory Coast side, who have won eight times. The Algerian team won four times, while the remaining seven matches ended in a draw.

8:326 hours ago

Algeria and Ivory Coast meet in the quarter-finals of the African Nations Championship, in search of a place in the semi-finals.

8:276 hours ago

My name is Manuel Carmona Hidalgo and I will be antivirion for this game. We will bring you the analysis before the meeting and the news right here from VAVEL.

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