Superstar Omar Sy signs an extended contract with Netflix


Los Angeles, United States | France Press agency. – On Tuesday, the platform reported that Omar Sy, the star of the successful Netflix series “Lupin” about a French thief, had signed an agreement to work with the broadcasting giant on several films for several years.

The French mystery series premiere is the third most watched season after “Squid Game” and “Bridgerton,” drawing 76 million viewers in its first month, according to internal figures.

Psy said she was “extremely excited to have the opportunity to expand this relationship” with Netflix, and praised their “collaboration with artists and their passion for bringing unique and diverse stories into homes around the world.”

A second set of episodes was released in June, with more adventures eagerly awaited, based on the early 20th century novels by Maurice Leblanc.

The agreement Netflix announced on Tuesday did not specify financial terms or specific projects to be developed with the actor who must act and produce several films.

It is the first agreement of its kind signed by Netflix with a French talent, according to the specialized publication Variety, which was reported by Agence France-Presse.

In Lupine, Sy plays Asani Diop, a cheerleader who uses the character Lupine from the novels, as she seeks revenge on her falsely accused father.

The combination of the charismatic hero, Parisian landscapes, and the tones of race relations made it the first real hit in France for Netflix, which is investing heavily in the country.

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