Sustainable coffee startup, Incapto, raises €6 million to expand its business in Europe – Marketing 4 Ecommerce

Sustainable coffee startup, Incapto, raises €6 million to expand its business in Europe – Marketing 4 Ecommerce

Incapto, the consumer startup Sustainable coffee Based in Barcelona, ​​new closed A financing round of 6 million euros That will help you Expand your presence Commercial and operational markets Italy, France and Portugal. They will also use the funds to develop a A new line of coffee machines And continue to expand in shopping centers.

This year, the startup is hoping Double its sales volume in 2022 and increase the capacity of its logistics and roasting center, Which is located in Ripolet (Barcelona) and from there they ship freshly ground and roasted coffee to all their customers (local and corporate).

A project born in light of the pandemic and working through subscriptions

Incapto was founded during the strongest season of the pandemic, in June 2020, and emerged as a project of Addressing and catering to the new coffee consumption habits of Spaniards. The company’s goal has always been to promote the consumption of high-quality coffee at the same speed as a capsule machine, but with a more sustainable system.

To do this, he created compact semi-automatic coffee machines, which prepare the perfect espresso in 30 seconds. This way, your Customers can enjoy the experience of freshly ground coffee with the instant and convenient formats that coffee pods provide, but without generating unnecessary waste.

On its website, Incapto offers 9 models of coffee machines semi-automatic (including refurbished models); 27 types of coffee beans Coming from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sumatra or Uganda; And 12 coffee accessories, including cups, chocolates, frothers, etc.

Although you can buy any product in a single purchase, Idento’s business model depends on it Custom subscriptionsYou can choose the machine, type of coffee, and frequency with which you want to receive it at home, or receive it from a convenient point. The prices of the machines are only through a subscription contract and they have a commitment to last for a year.

It also has Referral program named: «Share Incapto: Give €25 and get €25». If you’re a customer and someone makes a minimum purchase of €25 using your code, you’ll get a €25 refund.

Shipping is free over €35 and takes only 48 hours.

In just three years of experience, the company already has 20,000 customers (a large portion of subscribers), and it has been delivered to More than 2000 companies With the company’s coffee platform and Revenues in 2022 amounted to €4.2 million.

Expanding the business and developing new products

The company’s estimates and expectations in the sector indicate a Strong growth in 2023-2025Because consumers will continue to reduce their consumption of coffee capsules, in search of a more sustainable model.

The boom in automatic coffee makers, in addition to the subscription system, goes hand in hand with the requirements of the consumer who has become more aware of his habits, but seeks to enjoy high-quality, freshly ground coffee together that suits the consumer’s convenience. Get your coffee with just one click.

In this way, with the funds raised, the company hopes to expand its business to Italy, France and Portugal, develop new machine designs, double the capacity of its logistics and roasting center in Barcelona, ​​open more stores in shopping centers and double its annual turnover in 2023.

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