Teacher ‘explodes’ and ends online class after being greeted by student | News from Mexico

Online classes seem to be here to stay in some places, although some schools run co-ed mode. On this occasion, a teacher was accused of leaving an online class just to receive a student.

This case gave a lot to talk about, as it was recorded that the teacher only exploded for a greeting that seemed very normal.

The teacher belongs to the University of San Carlos, in Guatemala, and everything was fine in the law class, until sometime problems and tension arose, Milenio notes.

Professor Edgar Quezada received a greeting from a student. It seemed that the courtesy was not shown to him, and he answered forcefully:

“Yes, good evening, who will say. And what should I do with this? I will work on a topic,” said the professor.

The student could then be heard saying that she was just saying hello. But it seems that the teacher was not convinced and exploded against him again.

“If it starts to bother me, I will get out and go,” the teacher commented.

Finally, he said the class was over, because they wouldn’t let him do his work:

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“Look, if it starts to bother me, I will leave and not teach the class. Graduate, please note that I applied to work on a law course and some students wouldn’t let me.Yes, with the permission of colleagues who want to take the course, I will withdraw, guys. I no longer accept anything strictly illegal.”

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