When is the summer time change for 2022?

When is the summer time change for 2022?

April is around the corner plus Holy Weekthat month will bring about the adjustment of the clock with what is already known summer program.

On this occasion, it is time to advance the clock by one hour in some entities of the Republic and in order not to be late or confuse you with dates, here we leave you everything you should know about Summer Time 2022.

When is the date of 2022 changed?

Daylight saving time will begin this Sunday, April 3, which is the date on which you have to move the clock forward by one hour, to avoid confusion, Recommended for Saturday night 2 Aprilright before bed, in order to wake up with the new schedule.

It is important to keep in mind that timekeeping is not the same in all states of the country, for example, in the border strip the time changes when the United States does it, which was on March 13.

While Sonora and Quintana Roo do not set the clock According to daylight saving time, so in some months of the year the rest of the entities have different time than these two states.

Why is daylight saving time in Mexico?

Since 1996, daylight saving time has been implemented with the aim of making the most of sunlight and thus reducing electricity consumption by using sunlight.


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