Tennis player Roger Federer turns 40 – cycling – sports

Tennis player Roger Federer turns 40 – cycling – sports

It takes some time Present Federer With the doubt established in their day by day; With the idea of ​​prolonging his career and continuing to fight or, conversely, setting an end date for one of the brightest and most respected rounds in the history of sports.

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An emotional swing is gaining steam on August 8, when the Swiss actually arrive in quarantine. The Swiss man from Basel, who has long held records, milestones, successes and records on the track, does not want to focus his merits on issues related to his age.

A month ago, for example, Federer became the oldest player to reach a Wimbledon quarter-final. He defeated Australia’s Ken Roswell. The Swiss was among the top eight in the All England Club with 39 years and 10 months. Ocean did it in 1974 with less than two months. He did not take the title, fell in the penultimate stage against pole Hubert Hurkacz, and left the center court with applause, the London fans on their feet.

But for what it was, more for the brilliance he showed on the grass than for his game, his level or his success. He is loved for what he left behind, for memory. It always will be. Isn’t that what you want anymore
Federer is, at present, still in the bitter race to be the best of all time, in a full-on attempt with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic to dominate the legend.

Roger Federer still clings to the battle of time, leaving the future in the hands of his countless talent. The Big Three, the dominant trio. The Swiss is one of them although the calendar is against him with regard to the Spanish, and especially with regard to the Serbs, with more in the future to raise the number of major tournaments among his advantages.

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first on top

Roger Federer at Wimbledon 2021

Nobody got higher. The Swiss reached his twenties first. An unprecedented figure that became available for the Balearic Islands then and more recently also for the Balkans, one who now considers most projections. “I didn’t think my goal would be to play until I’m 39 or 40 or older.

Instead he was thinking of 35. Borg retired early, Agassi played a little more, and so did Edberg. I feel I still like it very much, that I enjoy tennis and I will see results,” he noted.
Federer who does not make long-term plans.

He plans with his team but especially with his wife Mirka Vavrinec and their children Mila Rose and Charlene Riva, twelve and Leo and Lenny, seven, a future that seems to pass in the short term through the Masters 1000 in Canada, in Toronto, the US Open, the four slams The last major of each year.

As the pages of the calendar recede, the Swiss aspire to continue the fight for the best in history, which has undoubtedly been for some time. When it was intractable and unparalleled. When he collected the trophy one by one and his days as the number one in the world crowded together. He sat at the top of the professional ring for 310 weeks, at number 237 in a row, facing the challenge of achieving successes at his age that were beyond the reach of the rest.

Between the eyebrows, Federer is considering the possibility of making other major tournaments of his own. Nobody made it “old”. The Swiss won Wimbledon four seasons ago. With 35 years and eleven months. Rosewall only earned a “specialty” with more. In 1974 he won by 37 months and 2 months.

Also at the All England Club where he was on the verge of winning again, after three rounds, when he reached the final on the brink of quarantine. American Jimmy Connors stood in the semi-finals of the US Open with 39. That was in 1991. References to consider. Nothing is impossible.

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knee injury

It is the meniscus injury in the right knee that has led the Basel tennis player to take offense recently. With no illnesses throughout his career, save for those caused by his back in 2013, he is in full swing, causing a heavy ailment to hit his leg in recent months.

In fact, Federer admitted that the development of the knee has stalled and that he will not go to the Tokyo Olympics which are nearing completion. And that the Olympic gold is the only thing Roger has not won, the doubles champion in Beijing 2008 and the individual silver medal in London 2012.

This final at the All England Club on July 14, 2019 which he lost to Djokovic was perhaps the last great performance of the Swiss tennis player. It’s been two years since the longest Grand Slam final in history, with nearly five hours of play.
Federer, 37 at the time, was two points away from winning his ninth Wimbledon title and 21st major. It wasn’t very close then.

“I will try to forget this final, even though it was a great match,” postulated the Swiss, who then led Nadal in front of two greats and the Serbian with fours. After two seasons, the balance is maximum. It was his last great moment. Then he stopped. He kicked off 2020 full of anticipation, with the semi-finals at the Australian Open and then his ordeal began.

His last official match before facing the reality of his knee. He underwent surgery in February and shortly thereafter in June. The news surrounded the Swiss. The circuit used to travel without the Swiss presence until not so long ago the huge demand for competition, the big motivator for every championship.

Revered by his endless talent, admired by a unique class and unrivaled presence on the field, Federer has always questioned the need to resort to thrust and liveliness. It seemed that there was no need for Roger to withdraw his strength and energy. Tennis went further. His presence gave a touch of distinction in every match. every hit. Right, backhand, serve. Subtlety, elegance, presence and elegance.

The Basel player returned after more than four hundred days. It took a year and a half to hit the track after the last time. He returned to Doha in 2021 but lost to Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili and later returned in the Geneva Championship, which he faced as a test against Roland Garros.

He popped into Paris and pulled out. He resigned to continue in the second week, in the round of 16, knowing that his journey on Parisian soil lacked a certain meaning. He has looked further at Wimbledon, where he performs better, his performance is improving and he wears less. He came to Halle as a grass podium but lost to Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime.

He came to Wimbledon and advanced. He fell upon the great moments of yesterday that alternated with other, worse moments, akin to regression from splendor. And he fell badly in the quarters, on the head, with pole Hubert Hurkacz.

By the way, he left in pain, battered, laden with doubts. He then declared that he should think about the future with his entire team, although he later clarified that he had already begun rehabilitating his knee to return to play after the summer. Tennis is waiting for you.

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Federer looks back now that he’s forty, and over twenty-three as a professional. The longtime track-charting Swiss, who ushered in an era in the sport, battles an injury-precipitated farewell, a silent farewell and through the back door. The Swiss is looking to an end point worthy of his history.

Worthy and at least comparable with an unparalleled service record, with six times in Australia, one at Roland Garros, eight Wimbledon matches and five times in the United States. Twenty Grand Slam titles stand out from history with another 103 singles titles, six of which are Masters Cups, and the Davis Cup with Switzerland…

Due to its elegance and distinctiveness, it begins to take its last stretch. With forty behind him, the countdown is assumed on the track. The last stretch he himself will choose to reveal when tennis turns his back on him.


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