The 10th Congress of Sciences and Arts will be held in Cotlan del Rio – El Sol de Cuautla

The 10th Congress of Sciences and Arts will be held in Cotlan del Rio – El Sol de Cuautla

From January 2 to 4, it was The 10th edition of the Coatlán del Río Morelos Sciences and Arts Congress 2023with an extensive billboard of activities to enjoy Children, youth and adults to the community and visitors.

Conferences originated with the idea of ​​bringing others together cultural activities s artistic appearance It is not held in Kotlan, so the group Cirin “Science + Art = community” They decided to take on the project and brought in artists and other science professionals from different parts of Morelos and other states.

For 10 years, group members have carried out periodic activities in Cotlán del Rio to share a variety of topics with the community, thus Contribute to the dissemination of art and science in a tangled manner.

“It started as a cultural festival almost 10 years ago, and has morphed into Art & Science Days up to what it is today. The main goal is to engage with the Cotlán del Río community, which is very different from the big cities, because it is a rural community”said Mario Flores, founder and director of the group.

One of the distinguishing features of these days is the date on which it is held, because at the beginning of the year it is not very common to hold festivals or artistic activities during the festive periods and New Year’s celebrations.

“Patron saint ceremonies are very important in our community, and doing these days is the accompaniment to the popular festival that has been going on for more than 200 years in Cotlán del Río. Also at these times, many immigrants come back here to share the festivities with their loved ones, and with conferences and activities, it is a way for them To see that the city is not static, and to show that we are at the forefront of art, science and culture.”Flowers said.

New guests and different activities

For this collegiate tenth edition invited guests and participants from various art institutions and groups from Morelos and Mexico City, To present an extensive billboard with activities such as workshops, conferences, talks, literary performances, music, exhibitions, poetry and a starry night.

the activities It will be held in various locations in the center of Cotlan del Riosuch as the Municipal Square, the Chumil Bistro and the House of Culture.

Among the activities that stand out in this edition, is Screening of the documentary “The Secret of Dr. Greenberg”. de Ida Cuellar, scheduled for January 2 at 8:00 pm in the municipal zócalo.

opening Photo gallery “Morelos: Portrait in Motion” By Rafael Varra and Dos Reyes Danza Fuzion in the auditorium of the House of Culture Museum of Cotlan del Rio, scheduled for January 3 at 11:00 am.

Beside “a stellar evening”, an astronomical observation with the starry night and astrophysicists at work. Rumbo a los Eclipses de México 2023-2024” and astronomical workshops, which will take place in the municipal zócalo, on January 4 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

“I am very happy and grateful to participate in this 10th day of science. Congratulations for your effort and commitment to awakening vocations in childhood and adolescence. Among the activities that we will do in the starry evening is the workshop for assembling your own solar clock, which will be using the origami technique and building your galaxy, where They will make drawings to reproduce what the galaxy could be like.said Edna Galindo, who is responsible for implementing the stellar evening.

Consult the complete bulletin board of the 10th Congress of Sciences and Arts Coatlán del Río Morelos 2022, through its social networks. All activities complete Free.

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