The 58th District General Hospital of IMSS is distinguished by its good and effective medical care


46 years after its opening, it has become the 58th General Area Hospital (HGZ) of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) The state of Mexico, Ponente, remains a representative symbol in the northern part of the metropolitan area.

In May of this year, the Foundation celebrates 46 years of beneficiary service in the northern part of the Metropolitan Region of the State of Mexico (Photo: Exclusive).

This hospital provides care to its beneficiaries from seven units of family medicine (UMF): 51, 58, 63, 66, 80, 187 and 192, It includes the medical, nursing and administrative personnel; They provide daily consultations in more than their specialties and emergency care. They also perform various clinical analyzesThese include inhalation therapy sessions, hemodialysis, CT studies, electrocardiograms and ultrasound scans.

Among the specialties offered by this hospital, the following stand out: pediatrics, internal medicine, general surgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, trauma and orthopedics, dermatology, infectious diseases and nephrology.. In addition to radiography, mammography, computed tomography, laboratory services as well as stress test, Holter, echocardiogram and EEG.

In this hospital, training for medical students and undergraduate trainees stands out, as well as a residence for family medicine and emergencies., Highlighted by Dr. Vargas Sanchez.

Through the use of technology, processes have been simplified such as: The electronic agenda is realizedThe system of registering committees, certificates and electronic files.

The commitment of the staff of this medical unit allowed it to develop And strengthening the medical services it provides.



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