The 81st Golden Globe Awards will take place on January 7, 2024

The 81st Golden Globe Awards will take place on January 7, 2024

Variety newspaper, which specializes in specialized media, announced that the 81st edition of the Golden Globes will take place on Sunday, January 7, 2024, after its last installment was held, unusually, on Tuesday.

Faced with the massive drop in spectators for the last Golden Globes, the organization decided to move the ceremony’s date to Tuesday this year so as not to compete with the National Football League matches.

In the past two decades, the screen share of these awards peaked with 26.8 million viewers in 2004 and gradually declined until it recorded 6.3 million viewers in 2023, its lowest figure in 15 years.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the organizers of the awards, is currently in the negotiation stage to design another broadcast model that could include an alliance with an international broadcast service, according to information from Variety.

Platforms such as Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video have recently shown interest in including live content in their programming schedules.

In fact, the 29th edition of the Hollywood Actors Guild Open Awards can be watched next Sunday from the Netflix YouTube channel.

The outbreak of the pandemic and the various investigations that linked the HFPA to various scandals of racism, corruption, and influence peddling meant that these awards—even the most significant post-Oscars—have lost interest in them as of 2020.

A commitment to regaining its prestige this year and presenting a more transparent and inclusive picture — with African-American comedian Jerrod Carmichael as presenter — hasn’t yielded the expected results for NBC, a series that has aired these awards annually since 1996 with the exception of 2022.

That year, criticism of the Golden Globes led to a closed ceremony, with many Hollywood stars refusing to participate and no televised broadcast.

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