“The Room” director Tommy Wiseau is back with “Big Shark” and he already has a trailer

“The Room” director Tommy Wiseau is back with “Big Shark” and he already has a trailer
Three firefighters (George, Patrick and Tim) must save the city of New Orleans from a giant shark. Can New Orleans survive?

Tommy Wiseau returns to the ring backstage after filling the same role at the room (2003) and now takes a marine animal as the focus of this new film. It comes to Big shark Which will tell the actions of three firefighters named Georgie, Patrick and Tim (played by Greg Sestero, Isaiah Laborde, and Wiseau himself) who will do everything they can to save their city, New Orleans, from a shark attack.

According to information published in Variety, Big shark It will premiere on April 2 at Cinema 21 (Portland, Oregon) and will then continue touring in various parts of the United States. Wiseau is also expected to intend to appear in person at each show. For those who are fans of this director, this is nothing to surprise. with the room Something similar happened. He was responsible for writing, directing, producing, and starring in this movie, and he became a kind of ambassador for his own movie since he appeared in public every time it was shown in a private way.

Big Shark, Wiseau’s new movie

movie status the room It was so colorful that although it has been called one of the worst films in history, over time it has been considered a classic.

After a bit of his line of work, Wiseau was in the director’s chair on the short documentary Homeless in America 2004. At the same time, he was part of an episode of Great show by Tim and Eric, great job! in 2009 with comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. In 2015 he will arrive Neighbour, A six-episode sitcom he wrote and directed, which in turn had the luxury of acting as the antagonist and protagonist of the story.

Big Shark is scheduled to hit US theaters next April

In 2013 a book written by Cetero is called disaster artist, Which James Franco took to theaters and recounted his memories when he made it the room and association with Wiseau. The movie was made into a movie in 2017 under the direction of James Franco, who managed to get an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. But he also won two international awards such as the Golden Shell at the San Sebastian International Film Festival and also the Best Comedy Actor award for James Franco at the Golden Globes.

For now, it remains to be seen what the consequences will be Big shark: If it’s going to be a blockbuster or a movie to forget. The truth is, Wiseau is a different innovator who always offers something to talk about.

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