The arrival of science fiction and excitement to the Milan theater with the play “The Abyss”

The arrival of science fiction and excitement to the Milan theater with the play “The Abyss”

Mexico, August 1 (ANTON Noticias). On August 12, the play “Abismo” by Jeniffer Haley arrives at the Milan Theater, translated and directed by Miguel Septin, with performances by Jose Ramon Berganza, Veronica Bravo, Leo Danes Alos, Pablo Peroni and Sergio Zurita.

A science-fiction thriller set in a future not too far from ours where what we know today as the Internet has evolved into a highly advanced virtual reality space “The Nether”, a place where humanity has evolved its life, and this space has evolved so dramatically that the line separating Reality and virtual are almost non-existent. However, the real problem lies under the name “El Escondite”, a world inside virtual space, so realistic that it is possible to unleash the darkest fantasies that a person could have.

In Septine’s words: “It’s the kind of business that it’s always better to know so soon before you come to see it, that it has so many twists and turns.” It is a work that raises the reflections that we should do as human beings, because the reality of our lives is a dangerous reality that is not governed by any law.

For his part, Sergio Migran, one of the play’s producers, admitted that one of the inspirations for organizing this play was the launch of the Facebook Metaverse. “That’s where we saw it in the play. We think it would give a lot to talk about, it’s an ethical dilemma.”

On the other hand, more production members and actors, not wanting to make spoilers for “The Abyss,” agree that the show is an immersive, non-sensual experience for audiences from start to finish that, along with the plot, will leave us with a lot to talk about and think about.

Abyss is presented at the Milan Theater from August 12 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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