They expect to get $100 million for science and technology in the province

They expect to get $100 million for science and technology in the province

Corrientes’ Ministry of Science and Technology explained that it accompanied the submission of 24 proposals prior to the call for Federal Innovation Projects (PFI) 2022. This province could receive up to 100 million pesos in non-refundable contributions (ANR) to the development of those selected projects.

A total of 15 projects representing the city of Corrientes and four projects for Bella Vista. While Yataytí Calle, Goya, Monte Caseros, Mercedes and Ramada Paso were integrated into a representative project for each region.

The projects were developed by various institutions, both public and private, of the scientific-technological system of the province of Corrientes. The PFI 2022 plan was developed by the Undersecretary of the Consortium for Science, Technology and Innovation with the aim of deepening federalism and solving specific social, productive and environmental problems, at the municipal, provincial and territorial levels.

Non-refundable (ANR) contributions to the advocacy total $2.4 billion and a maximum of $100 million per jurisdiction, including the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The amount to be funded for each project must not be less than $10 million.

The regional authorities in the state sphere of science and technology, approved by the Federal Council for Science and Technology (Cofecyt), will evaluate and prioritize projects according to the vectors of social development (Vedspa) and productive development for integration. Regional Agendas (ATI) have been prepared for the National Science, Technology and Innovation 2030 Plan. Eligibility will be the responsibility of the Under-Secretary of the Science, Technology and Innovation Consortium in Mincyt and the scientific-technological assessment of feasibility will be carried out by external assessors.

institutions of the national or regional scientific and technological system, public or private companies with research and development activities; National, regional and municipal public bodies with technical, economic and administrative intensity to ensure the successful completion of the project.

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