The British MI6 will monitor the biggest polluters in the world

For this reason, British foreign intelligence began “spying on the biggest polluters in the world”. | Photo: AFP

On Sunday, British intelligence revealed that it was carrying out “green espionage.”, Consisting of checking whether other countries, in particular the “largest pollutants in the world,” Fulfill their commitments on climate change.

“In the area of ​​climate change, where everyone has to participate and play in a transparent manner, sometimes it is necessary to verify that this is the case,” said a manager. MI6Richard Moore, you did it “Trust but verify.”

For this reason, British foreign intelligence began to “spy on the world’s largest pollutants.”And he declared, considering that it was “clear” that his organization would support what he considered “the main point in the international foreign policy agenda for his country and the entire planet, that is,” The climate emergency. “

“When people stick to Climate changeMaybe it will be up to us to make sure what he’s really doing is what he signed, “added someone known by the nickname” C “.

Countries in favor of reducing gas emissions

These discoveries happen just days after US President Joe Biden pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions in his country by 50-52% by 2030 compared to 2005. In the framework of a remote climate summit in which key world leaders participated.

However, despite the fact that it is still difficult at this stage to define the concrete means to achieve this, this declaration “changes context” and can provide a significant, necessary boost, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said to international negotiations.

On Tuesday, it announced larger-than-expected reductions in UK carbon dioxide emissions., Keen to “raise the bar” months before the COP26 climate conference, to be held in Glasgow (Scotland).

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