The cement truck that crashed yesterday in El Paso had no brakes


Ivana Lyos
El Paso Magazine

Thursday 15 April 2021 | 16:07

The death of one person and the injury of two people are the balance left by the horrific accident that occurred yesterday between a tractor, a trailer and a cement mixer, according to the El Paso Police Department, which revealed the identity of those affected this afternoon.

According to the authorities, the events occurred around 8:40 am when special traffic investigators were called to Loop 375 and N. Desert Blvd. The death included a cement truck, trailer, and three other cars.

EPPD said an investigation revealed that a man named Ricardo Moreno Esparza, 46, was traveling in a 550 international cement truck, heading west on Loop 375, approaching 6,900 squares north of the Sahara.

Esparza was reportedly blasting his horn when he entered the intersection at a red light.

“The cement truck collided with a northbound trailer tractor driven by Jose Nava Hinostrosa, 43, and continued west on Loop 375 and collided with a Mitsubishi Montero driven by Jorge Ramirez, 51,” said a statement from the EPPD.

Authorities reported that the truck later capsized and collided with the 30-year-old Hyundai Elantra operated by Natasha Smith.

In addition, the cement-filled barrel detached from the car and collided with a GMC Sierra, which was driven by 20-year-old Roman Christopher Enriquez, according to reports.

Police confirmed that Esparza died at the scene of his wounds.

Ramirez and Smith were also slightly injured and were taken to area hospitals for treatment.

Investigators believed that Esparza had mechanical brake problems that led to the collisions.

This is the nineteenth traffic death of 2021.

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