The Colombian nun kidnapped by al-Qaeda in Mali in 2017, tells her family



November 20, 2021 17:49 GMT

Gloria Cecilia Narváez, who was released in October of this year, stated that “the risk of being assassinated is always there” after her kidnapping.

Colombian nun Gloria Cecilia Narváez, who was kidnapped by al-Qaeda in northern Mali in 2017 and chest In October of this year, she recounted her life in captivity and said that “the risk of being assassinated was present all the time”, Pick up RCN Radio.

As for the day she was kidnapped, Narvaez claimed she was watching the news with three other nuns when she heard a dog barking and went out to see what was happening. At that moment, “four men armed with rifles and machetes suddenly appeared” who wanted to take two younger nuns, but Narvaez managed to convince them to choose two more.

The nun claimed she was “taken on a motorbike” and traveled for several days. “I also remember that we walked long distances with very little food and water.” In captivity he found other kidnapped people from France, Sweden and Canada.

While being deprived of her liberty, she suffered from aggressive behavior by her captors. “They abused me, insulted me, chained me,” she said, adding that they “mocked her” and beat her. “They said it was a church dog,” he admitted.

Despite all this, Narvaez “didn’t say anything” nor did he “hold a grudge” and prayed for his captors. Likewise, he wrote letters with charcoal to God and thanked him for always “for another day of life.” “God surely wants me to be more humble, more patient, and perhaps more dedicated to my work. I thank you for all that you have taught me, and I ask of you the people who kidnapped me so that they can live according to their religion,” he continued.

Gloria Narváez, a native of the Colombian city of Pasto, was abducted on February 7, 2017 while carrying out missionary work in a village in Karangasso, about 400 kilometers from Bamako, the capital of Mali. In January 2018, religious plead To Pope Francis to mediate his release via an English-language video. Six months later, another recording of it is known again was heading to the Supreme Pontiff.

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