The day the Three Wise Men angered Fidel Castro

The day the Three Wise Men angered Fidel Castro

day Wise men It is a cause of joy for all the children, who eagerly await their talents for well-behaved all year long. However, not all countries celebrate this date and not all of them love it.

In January 2001, he was the then president CubaAnd the fidel castro, Anger when embassy Spain I decided to organize a Three Kings celebration and give sweets to the children.

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The embassy personnel were dressed as kings and left in three floats candy distribution Among the amazed and excited children on Paseo del Prado, in Old Havana. From there they walked to the headquarters of the Spanish Cultural Center and returned to distributing sweets. However, when television broadcast images of the event and children happily flocking to each other trick-or-treating, a political earthquake was unleashed on the island.

Local newspapers accused the “kings” of being “cheap clowns and magicians” and even of wanting to “give alms” to Cuban children. Old Havana is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the Cuban capital. “What right do they have to humiliate our children by throwing sweets at them on the sidewalk or in the mud, according to the goal of the Marachos?” asked the newspaper Juventude Rebelde.

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What did Fidel Castro say?

when Fidel Castro Find out, did not spare insults. “rudeness”, “provocation”, “Anger,” the Spanish celebration is called. “We do not want to add fuel to the fire of relations with Spain, but let no one suspect any rudeness, any provocation or any insult,” he said in a message reprinted in the official Granma newspaper and state television. She will have an appropriate response.”

Fidel Castrowho had friction with the Spanish government at the time Jose Maria Aznar He was frequent, and emphasized that he was not against the celebration of the Three Wise Men, which was unusual in Cuba, but rather against “extraordinary provocations”.

In addition to Mexico, with some differences, Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay are some of the countries in Latin America that celebrate Three Kings Day every year.

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