The deputy Bokel responded to the United States, saying that the dismissal of the judges was “irreversible.”

The deputy Bokel responded to the United States, saying that the dismissal of the judges was “irreversible.”
Neb Bukele, President of El Salvador

El Salvador President Najib Buckili emphasized that the dismissal of the Supreme Court judges was a “irreversible” decision and that it was directed “toward the future.” This is how he responded to the United States’ special envoy for the Northern Triangle, Ricardo Zونيñiga, who asked to “restore the situation”.

In early May, the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador, an ally of Buckili, approved the dismissal of the judges of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, which sparked international criticism and demanded the United States to take a step. behind.

To the voices still asking us to return to the past, with great respect and affection: The changes we make are irreversible. We will not go back to the past, but to the futureBukele wrote on his social media networks, where he also invited the rest of the countries to join El Salvador in this decision.

On Tuesday, Zuniga met with the Salvadoran president as part of his visit to the Central American country, and after the meeting, he criticized that the dismissals were not “linked” to the constitution at the same time. He reiterated that the United States “does not agree” with the resolution.

People hold signs saying "Dictator Buckily" s "Not to hit"During his protest against the sacking of the Supreme Court judges and the Attorney General by the Salvadoran Congress, in San Salvador, El Salvador, on May 2, 2021. Reuters / Jose Cabezas
People hold placards reading “Dictator Buckili” and “No to Coup,” protesting against the removal by the Salvadoran Congress of Supreme Court judges and the Attorney General, in San Salvador, El Salvador, on May 2, 2021. (Reuters) / Jose Cabezas

“Our view is that the May 1 decision (dismissals) was not linked to the constitution, nor in the case of judges or the public prosecutor,” Zuniga said in a television interview compiled by the Salvadoran newspaper, La Prinsa Gravica.

On the other hand, said Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, Louis Almagro He warned on Wednesday that El Salvador was in danger of taking a path “in which Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia” already “enjoys” mixed powers and political persecution. “

In his speech at the Forum “Defending Democracy in the Americas”, Almagro indicated that The case of El Salvador is “very special” and he warned the Latin American powers against the drift that some countries are traveling in, in addition to showing his opposition to the failure of any other country “to proceed in this manner.”

EFE / Rodrigo Sora
EFE / Rodrigo Sora

The important point is that when democracy is practiced with a certain majority, this does not mean that the authorities should be co-opted, and the authorities should be respected. That majority is responsible for most of the authorities. “, pointed out

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