Occupation soldiers enter the Gaza Strip. Battles break out


Soldiers Israelis entered the Gaza Strip In a frame The ongoing military operation Against him Islamic movement Palestinian Hamas, the army announced on Friday.

The Israeli army said in a short message that “the Israeli air and ground forces are currently launching an attack on the Gaza Strip.”

In response to a question by Agence France-Presse, army spokesman Jonathan Conricus confirmed that Israeli soldiers had entered the Palestinian enclave, but he did not specify how many.

In the face of proliferation of rocket fire by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Israeli army deployed tanks and other armored vehicles along the separation wall separating Israel from the Palestinian enclave from which the Israeli army unilaterally withdrew in 2005.

An army spokesman said earlier, “We are ready and will continue to prepare for different scenarios,” explaining that the invasion of the Earth was “one of the scenarios.”

The Ministry of Defense has given the green light To the army for mobilization If necessary, thousands of reservists.

The military wing of Hamas, which continued to fire shells at night on the southern borders of Israel, warned that any ground incursion into any area in the Gaza Strip would be an opportunity to increase the number of dead and prisoners among the enemy.

Israel is retreating, the soldiers are not in Gaza. Accuse of “connection problem”

The Controversy continues Hours after the announcement when The Israeli army retreated He said that He did not enter the Gaza Strip As announced. He justified himself by saying that there was an “intercom” problem.

Shortly after midnight The army sent a message to the press To announce that Israeli soldiers are “inside” the Gaza Strip, his spokesman confirmed to AFP.


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