The Diamond Athletics League (WANDA) begins in 2021, in Doha, Qatar, 2021


“Stranger things” called “good government”, less in sports, for “SE”, Lorentino Cortezo Cohen, in the opinion of Cocktail, who is not the owner of the truth, should not happen to her legal counsel, Magdelaen Griselda Ortega Díaz, salary Monthly, $ 4,000.00 (12/01/2020). Sports and Recreation Technical Director, Irving Jahir Saladino, $ 3,700.00 + $ 300.00 Representative expenses $ 4,000.00. (Since 2019). José David Friedman, Director of Architecture and Engineering $ 3,700.00 + $ 300.00 of Salesperson Expenses $ 4,000.00. General Secretary, Manuel Gustavo Gonzalez-Cortez, $ 4,700.00, (07/16/2020). The funny thing is that the head of sports training, Abdul-Greene, does not count, well, he has held this position since 01/01/1970, and his miserable salary is $ 1500.00 a month.

Let’s see that Dario Augusto Ario Luna, Administrative Assistant, is $ 2,800.00 (09/02/2019). Lawyer, Lorena Lya Berenguer Ríos, $ 2,500.00, (05/06/2020). Attorney Irma Enith Rivera Toronio $ 2,500.00. (07/10/2019). Ramon Arturo Cardoz Sanchez, Administrative Assistant 1, $ 3,500.00 + Spending of Representative Octavio Antonio Pinzone, Journalist, $ 1,800.00, (08/16/2019). Jenny Lynette Lee Espino, Executive Secretary 1, $ 2,500.00, (07/25/2019). Eric Augusto Ponton de Gracia (Executive Secretary 1, $ 3,500, (3/3/2016). Darren Orestes Quintana Escudero. Administrative Assistant, $ 3,000.00, (15/07/2019). Gustavo Leonardo Padilla, Senior Advocate, $ 2,500.00, (09/24/2019.

Since nearly all “ good government ” are “ political ” appointments, this may be the reason for this “ show, ” according to a post on page 14 of May Diario, dated May 26, 2021, by colleague Victor Barcenas, at the headline. : “Nito checked jobs at Rommel.” 77%! “The President of the Republic of Panama, Laurentino ‘Nito’ Cortizo, toured the Rommel Fernández Stadium yesterday to learn about the progress made in placing the HYBRID GRASS in the field of the so-called“ Coloso de Juan Díaz. ”Cortizo accompanied the General Manager of Pandeportes and El Nuevo Cacique Hector Brandes. By the coach of the Panama National Football Team, Thomas Christiansen; and Gabriel “Gavilan” Gomez “Football Association.

deadline. “In this event it was known that the business provides 77% of the work and that they must be ready to play football as of next August 25, so that the red will run against him in the final six-way matches for elimination. Qatar 2022 World Cup to reach that round. The director of architecture, José David Friedman Arrow, should have attended the event (among other things, the opportunity to absorb the project in a conversation he had with the work engineers, always), where he clearly said to them “You can’t tell me this, brother; Neither building nor livestock. ”“ Here we will cry with happiness and sadness. ”

This is conclusive evidence that our president, “SE”, Laurentino Cortizo, has no interest in athletics being “the king of sports”, in the Olympic Games, the American Games, the ODSUR Games, the JCA and the Caribbean, the Bolivian Games and the Central Games. The Americans.

Issue note from World Athletics, headed by Sebastian Coe, published: “100 UNOS / AS, to see in Tokío.”

Hurdles races. As a countdown to the Tokyo Olympic Games, we are adding to our 100 series, which must be seen in the run-up to the Games. It starts with a few names: Yasmine Camacho Quinn from Puerto Rico, from 100 metro / fallas. He improved his record to 12:32 to climb to seventh in the world ranking, at Eugene in April. Camacho Quinn hopes to make more history. She would attempt to be the first woman in Puerto Rico to win an Olympic medal.

Beatrice Shepkuch (Kenya) 3000m with hitches. She was fourth at ‘JO’ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016.

Alison dos Santos (Brazil), 400m, hurdles. Don Harper Nelson (USA), 100m / hurdles. Triple jump world champion, Yulimar Rojas (Venezuela), started her Olympic season in style, jumping 15:14 meters, to win the “Tony Bonnet” championship in Ibiza, Spain, last Saturday. The world record holder, who jumped 15:41 meters in February 2019, achieved 15:14 in the second round and 15:01 in the fourth round, although she was disappointed with her three mistakes.

Another note to drop: I received a press release, from Montreal, Canada, Head Office of the World Anti-Doping Agency, (WADA / AMA), which chairs, Withold Banka, on May 26, 2021. Headline: “WADA announced an independent observer of the Tokyo Games”. Content: “The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to announce its planned Independent Observer (IO) at Tokío 2020, which will run from July 23 to August 8, and from August 24 to September 5, 2021, respectively.” WADA (IO) Program It complements WADA’s compliance monitoring of major events designed to provide oversight and instill confidence in both athletes and the public regarding the quality, effectiveness and reliability of anti-doping programs during major events Paralympic and other international multi-sport events.

Olivier Nighley, Director General of the World Anti-Doping Agency said: “Since its launch in Sydney 2000 ‘JO’, the Independent, Impartial and Multipurpose Observer Program has helped advance anti-doping delivery of more than 50 major events, whether it’s in real time during the events, or from During reports to be delivered later. Thanks to this program, major improvements have been made to how anti-doping is implemented during major events; how anti-doping is administered afterward, or through reports sent later, thanks to this program; important to make the anti-doping program During major events it aims to provide strong protection for athletes.

For the Tokyo Olympics, the team will again consist of international experts in the full spectrum of anti-doping specialties. A combination of WADA and other anti-doping organization specialists, they will monitor all aspects of the program including.

1), distribution layout test. 2) Competitor Selection 3) Doping Control Notification 4) Therapeutic Use Waiver (TEU) procedure. 5) Sentinel chain. 6) Analyze samples and results. Independent Observer Group, Tokyo 2020: Dr Francesca Rossi (Italy). Exam Director of the French National Anti-Doping Agency (Chair). Dr. Oskill Barroso (Cuba).

Senior Vice President, WADA Laboratories. Dr.. George Tsamas (Greece), Senior Manager. Standards and Alignment, AMA, (Vice President). Gina Hill Herrera (Colombia). Director of the Athlete’s Biological Passport, Colombia’s National Anti-Doping Agency.

Kenny Lee (Republic of Korea), Director of the WADA Asia and Oceania Office. Marisa Sunio (USA). Senior Director of Legal Affairs at the World Anti-Doping Agency. Aya Nakitanda (Uganda), MD, President of the Uganda Anti-Doping Agency.

Another note: Since the street is very rough, I don’t know who is in favor of, “Nuevo Cacique” from Pandeportes, the “HD” brands, in terms of FEPABA. The former “General Manager” of Pandebortes, Edgardo Cerda, “Elias Rasputin el Mongi Loko”, supported Mario Bootler, who transferred his work to those deprived of their freedom in prison. Well, Fleur Melendez, according to FEPABA, gave a seminar for basketball coaches, with 47 participants from the counties of Coclé, Colón, Chiriquí, Herrera, Panamá Oeste and the capital, in Arena Roberto Durán. If most schools and colleges don’t have gyms in operation, I ask: Where will the coaches take their learning? Take note. What salary and possibly housing do Fleur Melendez and her assistant receive from FEPABA?

Another loose note. The positive thing for the President of the United States, Joe Biden, was to grant a visa to the Cuban baseball delegation to travel to the United States, to search for a contested quota to return baseball to the summer “atmosphere”, after his departure in “JO” in Beijing, 2008. Apparently Team Cuba’s second base split.

One final note. At the Puerto Rico Swimming Open, 22-year-old athlete Julio Herrigo scored 27.84, winning the 50m gold medal, chest style, and the national record. He also won the gold medal in the 100 million ton race. Chest Style, with 1: 02.25, also a national record. And 200 meters. Chest 2: 17.46. As per my inquiries, Edgar Crespo (aged 30 years) participated. He won a silver in 50 and 100 meters, Chest Style, and did not participate in the 200 meters, Chest Style. Take note. Keep waiting for La Universidad ‘to go to Tokyo, Japan, 2020. It’s true.

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