The director of The Squid Game surprises with his new intentions for the second season | entertainment

The director of The Squid Game surprises with his new intentions for the second season |  entertainment

With the second season of the hit series The Game of the Squid arriving in the future, expectations have grown to know the news about it. Its director, Hwang Dong Hyuk, has already developed some.

Already announced in November 2021: Squid will have a second season. Since then, all kinds of news have appeared about the heroes, the story, or whether new characters will be included, considering everyone who died in the first story.

And without a doubt, the 2021 series was just that, so every novelty will likely become news. In this case, we find the statements of her manager Hwang Dong Hyuk, who revealed that she will be Another controversial movie. And that “It will be more violent than the Squid games.”

The director, who is now all the rage around the world, He’s already announced more projects: his next movie, Killing Old People Club. In addition, Netflix, taking advantage of this boom, launched in the United States to publish 3 of his previous films, to get to know him a little more as a director.

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He said that he will now return to South Korea to write the second season of the series It is expected to be released on Netflix in late 2024. reported that “There will be more great games”, But he also added that some dead characters could return: “I’ll try to do something to get them back for season two,” Then he said.

It makes perfect sense that the series would capitalize on what made them so popular, the games, so It’s vital to your success that you include new characters, and you know it.

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On the other hand, Talk about the protagonist, Seong Ji Hoon, who is expected to take revenge. However, her director is clear about the perspective she will take in Season 2.

“Because he got more serious because he had to save people, I think he would become a more determined character. But if he was too insistent, it might be a bit boring. So I think the fun parts of Giun will also be coming out next season,” It states.

However, It will obviously be a while before we know something concrete about him, because the season has yet to be written.

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