The Dreaming, the best movie of the K-Pop group


MONSTA X released their first movie where they not only delighted us with their concert, but also with a series of interviews and memories that are part of the history of this boy band.

It’s amazing knowing more about our collections K-Pop Favorites, which with different contents shows us more aspects of each of its members, their stories, memories and much more that have left their mark on the time they participated as a group.

Talent and dedication have taken over cinemas around the world MONSTA X, idols introduced a new file Movie As part of their promotions for their new album, “the dream”This K-pop group is already in the US ready to perform before MONBEBE with new songs in English.

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Dreaming’s new album is a new big step for MX who are once again venturing into singing in a language other than her own as well as experimenting with different styles that show the diversity of their members.

What do we find in the movie? MONSTA X: The Dream? Here we have the best of this production so you remember what happened in cinemas around the world that MONBEBE never stopped enjoying.

What is The Dreaming, MONSTA X?

the MONSTA X movie. He compiled songs, documentaries, interviews the band members, took us back to their beginnings, and talked about their dreams and the process of making this new movie special for their fans and the group.

It was also a promotion for their second English-language album, The Dreaming, so we also enjoyed the premiere of some of them.

The Best of MONSTA X: The Dream Movie

1. The concert

MONSTA X revisited some of their best songs in miniature ConcertGAMBLER, DRAMARAMA, and Stand Up, for example, all represent key points in the boy band’s history and also the tracks that MONBEBE enjoyed to the fullest.

MONSTA X and their movie party | Twitter: @dsdramas

2. Memories

MONSTA X took us back to their earlier days in this movie with the best of them memories, the band’s debuts with “Trespass” and their preparation in “No.Mercy”, although we only saw 6 of their idols, we know very well everything they went through in their history and beginnings.

3. Interview

Every MONSTA X member spoke extensively in the movie, answering the questions they had interviewAbout their dreams, inspirations, feelings and more that they have carried throughout their history as idols.

MONSTA X in an interview even though it’s not from The Dreaming gg | Twitter; Tweet embed

4. Dream Songs premiere

For those who watched The Dreaming on December 9th, they got to experience the first show From some songs on the same album with beautiful performances such as “Whispers In The Dark”, “Secrets”, “You Problem” and the already released song but from the same album “One Day”.

MONSTA X showcased the songs of The Dreaming | Twitter: @Mxrch18

5. Experience 4DX

MONSTA X movie can be watched in . format 4 DX And it had a special function where the seats moved to the rhythm of the steps in the idol dance, a fun experience for MONBEBE.

If you haven’t heard of The Dreaming album, here are some of what it contains so you can learn more about MONSTA X’s talents.

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