The elderly were invited to train in Spanish on nutrition and physical health


Adults 60 years or older in San Diego County can sign up for a virtual training in Spanish called Eat healthy and live strong.

The class will be taught by a Zoom session every Tuesday from 11 am to 12 noon from April 20 to May 25. It will be managed by the Catholic Charitable Archdiocese of San Diego (CCDSD) and CalFresh Healthy Living.

Mary Baraza, a nutrition educator and CCDSD school, explained that participants get 20 minutes of physical activity per session, and said that through each class they will learn to eat smarter, save money by eating fruits and vegetables, and learn about the resources available. In the community.

Other topics covered in the training are how to set goals and achieve your goals step-by-step, how to adapt specific exercises to be done at home, even with a disability, and how to convert traditional Latin dishes and meals into healthy versions.

In addition to being over 60 years old, other requirements to be able to participate in the training are to be a beneficiary or eligible for CalFresh (food stamps), to be able to attend all five sessions and register in advance.

Those interested in attending can contact Barraza at (619) 323-2841 ext. 2163 or (619) 366-7499.

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