The European College of Bovine Medicine will participate in the 31st World Pediatric Congress

They will hold a medical session for the vets and will be available in their ward

refer.- The European College of Bovine Medicine (ECBHM, European College of Bovine Health Management), thanks to the support animbobe present at The 31st World Congress of Constructive Medicine (world congress of obstetricswhich will be held for the first time in Madrid between 4 and 8 September 2022, to publicize its initiatives in the field of bovine veterinary medicine.

ECBHM is the institution responsible for training certified bovine specialists, both individually and in production, in the European context, and within the framework of EBVS (european council for veterinary specialization).

At the aforementioned conference, and within the teaching work of the European College since its inception, a medical session will be held on September 5 at 3:00 pm. Open to all veterinarians registered with the college. International Conference on Construction Medicinewhere ECBHM graduates and field doctors with extensive professional experience in our sector will deal with the following aspects:

  • Effect of water quality on the number of somatic cells. Berchtold won (Swiss)
  • Comparison of two heat detection systems in a herd of 800 cows in West Wales. Lies pickys (Great Britain)
  • sustainable control of parasites in France; Treat as little as reasonably possible. Philip Camoset (France)

Similarly, ECBHM will have a file booth During the days of the conference, where they will receive and attend all questions that may be of interest to their visitors.

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