The first date spreads fast: he went by train to see her and ended up being offered a career that wasn’t his | News from Mexico

Spain.- First date spread on social media After posting it through a thread on Twitter. User Anitalyy said on her story profile that she said she “deserves a topic”.

First, she explained that the young man she was with for the first time lived outside Barcelona, ​​so she had to “swallow a little train ride” to come see her. He emphasized that this information was important to the development of the story.

Escribió que fueron juntos a una expo interaction del artista Vincent Van Gogh, que describió como bonita e interesante, luego fueron a tomar algo y se dieron cuenta que ya eran las 9 de la noche, tarde para que el su ren de regreso un a t a house.

First date went viral, he missed the train and ended up at her school

For this reason, the young man has no choice but to call whoever receives him at home to stay the night. At the end of the day, he only has the option to stay in her home who lives with her parents and sister.

Then, among friends, they plan to take him to school with them, thus “he ends up giving a presentation at a university that is not his, in a profession that is not his, and having slept in a house that is not. His story” The young woman ends the story.

The young woman fed the thread some pictures of her first date, and there were those who pointed out what they would have done in her case.

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