The funny movie that will lead Nicolas Cage to save the daughter of the president of Catalonia

Nicolas Cage is making headlines these days at the premiere of his upcoming movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, a movie in which the actor plays himself and makes no secret of his desperation for a role in any famous director’s movie. In his search, he ends up accepting the invitation of a Spanish billionaire (Pedro Pascal), a huge fan of his work, to move to his mansion in Mallorca.

But, beyond the plot, there is something that grabs attention: the appearance of the Catalan question in the plot. And it is that in the film no more, no less, the daughter of the president of Catalonia was kidnapped in order not to run for re-election.

Cage will find himself caught between a rock and a hard place and will end up agreeing to play a spy during one of the big parties at the mansion. Then he will learn the true story of the kidnapping.

The film, as reported by Catalonia Radio’s US correspondent, Francesc Garriga, “does not refer to Spain, but does refer several times to Catalonia.” In the Spanish version, references to Catalonia seem to have been changed to Mexico. In fact, the official Spanish-language review by Filmaffinity did not mention Catalonia.

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