Cryptocurrency / Streaming / Blockchain / Netflix / Mexico / Spain / USA | Technique

Cryptocurrency / Streaming / Blockchain / Netflix / Mexico / Spain / USA |  Technique

Mean DAO company integrated into the ‘platformblockchainThe company “Solana”, which is dedicated to “cash flow”, announced that, starting this year, it will enable users to: Cryptocurrency Manage any type of subscription “you pay only for time of use and measured by the second”.

This way, a person will not have to pay for Netflix or any other subscription serviceEven if you don’t use it. As Cuban-American Michelle Triana, co-founder and CEO of Mean DAO, explained to Efe, one pays only for the time since entering’flowuntil it comes out.

Mean DAO, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Company, Will Be the Equivalent in the Tech World’blockchain(The network that allows the use of a file Cryptocurrency) to a “fintech” company, finance startups in the digital model. In the words of Triana, closest thing toblockchain‘, in the traditional world, it could be ‘cooperative’.

The company was set up a year ago, but launched its first products in September 2021. Triana told Efe that, to date, it has raised $8.5 million from venture capital institutions, including Japanese soft bank, and private investors. For now, DAO means products are linked to payroll and transfers.

In the case of salary payments, Mean DAO acts as a bank, allowing the creation of an account in which the worker can see in real time how the money generated by his work is accumulating, and he can dispose of this money when he wants without waiting for a specific payday.

at the moment, The average DAO has more than 160,000 usersOf these, 20% are in Turkey, 10% in South Korea, 10% in China, 8% in Nigeria, and 5% in the United States.

Triana stresses that they want to attract more people through outreach efforts and acknowledges that ignorance and fear are the two factors that play against “blockchainThe company’s partners are Eydel Rivero, Yansel Florian, Maylin Ramírez and Yamel Amador Fernández, all of whom are experienced in the world of Cryptocurrency.

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