The girl says that her boyfriend drove her home in an Uber because of the way she was dressed; The virus is spreading (video)


through your account tik tok, a The girl offered her boyfriend because he took her home in an Uber just because he didn’t like the way he dressed.; Before this, and her video, the girl spread on social networks.

In fact, this case Not only did the virus spread but it also caused outrage Since the young woman said that her boyfriend considered his girlfriend’s clothes to be too revealing, so he bothered to introduce them to his colleagues and friends.

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The complaint on TikTok was submitted by the user @nikki.jabs. According to a series of videos, she went out with her boyfriend at night and seemed uncomfortable from the start because of the outfit she chose.

In the first of these videos, the woman who looks upset and sad shows only the outfit she chose for that night: pink pants and a black navel blouse. The image is attached to the following comment:

He was so embarrassed to see him with me in that outfit.So he sent me home in an Uber and went to the grand opening without me.”

His complaint was unanimously supported by users of the social network and quickly reached several million views.

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To the dismay of the audience, in the following videos, the young woman commented on both the chosen clothes and the way her boyfriend criticized her clothes and sent her home. As he commented, he has previously made comments about the way he dresses and puts on makeup.

That night, since they went to the meeting, she felt that he had not stopped looking at her with curiosity. When asked what was wrong, he said “She looked so beautiful”. She replied to him if that was her way of saying it.”He was wearing bad clothes‘ he answered only at dinner.

Then she asked if he would be embarrassed to see her with her at dinner, but he didn’t reply. And when she suggested coming home to change, which her partner refused. However, in the end he asked his house about an Uber.

“I was so sad that I spent so much time trying to look pretty and was sent home on an Uber. Would youwho does that? He sent me home to a stranger on Friday night.

In the last video, the woman said that she was very saddened by what happened. However, thousands of users commented that it wasn’t her fault and that her boyfriend was macho with her.

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