The green sky in the United States, this is how this rare weather phenomenon was seen

The green sky in the United States, this is how this rare weather phenomenon was seen
green sky
Although it is a little-studied natural phenomenon, green skies may be due to the role of light in natural phenomena such as thunderstorms. | Photo: Twitter.

An unusual electrical storm called “Right” in South Dakota in the United States painted green sky This stunned Sioux Falls residents this Tuesday.

The A natural phenomenon called “RightIt is a wind storm that usually coincides with electric storms It typically extends hundreds of kilometers and, in the case of those in South Dakota, traveled nearly two thousand kilometers to affect the neighboring states of Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Montana, according to local media reports.

Users shared photos on social networks from the green sky After the storm that hit the Sioux Falls area.

Why did the sky turn green?

Meteorologists point out, though Harsh climates are often accompanied by green skiesThere is no connection between them, and so far this natural phenomenon has not been comprehensively studied, which indicates the site specialized in climate. AccuWeather.

Meteorologists put together a study that determines why the sky is lit green. None of the published studies indicate that hurricanes or hail make a green sky.”

However, he confirmed it It is the large and thick storm clouds that directly affect the way the color of the sky is perceived, Explains why the eye sometimes sees that it is green.

meteorology from AccuWeatherIsaac Longley explains that the green color of the sky may be due to the role light plays in a series of natural events such as electric storms and sunsets.

The sky is painted green After an afternoon thunderstorm because it’s in the afternoon when the sun appears redder as it nears the horizon. When the light under a long thundercloud appears blue due to scattered water droplets and glows with the red light of the sunset, the sky takes on a darker color. greenish“.

In addition, Cory Martin, a meteorologist for the United States National Service, published an infographic explaining the above and adding that “this phenomenon is usually a visible warning sign that a storm is capable of producing very big hail“.

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