The health and well-being of generations

The health and well-being of generations

The latest study by the Generation and Talent Observatory: “Generational Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace”, conducted with the European University as an academic partner and HR Standards As a technology partner, I have identified the main theme of our HR Forum program this season at Radio DC from the hand Frances Garcia Herfounder and CEO of HR Forum next to Generation and Talent Observatory.

Susanna TurrellAnd People and Wellbeing Manager ENAGÁS, I began primarily with an opinion about the study of health and well-being in generations. “The study adds an interdisciplinary look at the health of each generation and has a perspective for all champions. For us, the information you give us is a guarantee that we will succeed in adjusting our health programs and be able to operate in the perspective we want.”
for this part, Elena CascanteThe managing partner of the Generation and Talent Observatory stated that the study helps “make a diagnosis with scientific accuracy.” “We believe this research comes to contribute in various areas related to promoting people’s health.” Clarify that from the very first moment, they had to listen and act on HR perspectives, and understand what priority is for the health of the five generations.
After the first part of the programAnd Pregnancy Martin de BustamanteAnd Former President of AESPLA and Member of Health and Welfare Experts Committee Generations emphasized health as the main focus. “The study comes to present the motivations and interests of workers” when setting health and well-being policies. Similarly, Bustamante explained that the model shows that health has always been in operation but before that it was not conscious within organizations.

Finally, the broadcast ended with an intervention: Peter BeaumarisRetired and volunteer SECOT. “There is no doubt that physical health is very important, but there is another health that is difficult to treat, and that is mental health. From SECOT, we have done work in the transition from working life to retirement (…) and we have realized that mental health affects people.”

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