The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes, a Netflix documentary with real serial killer talks

The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes, a Netflix documentary with real serial killer talks

In July 1991, Milwaukee police raided the site of Jeffrey Dahmer’s horrific personal museum: a refrigerator filled with heads and other human remains in various states of decomposition. Dahmer was quick to confess to 17 murders, as well as acts of necrophilia and cannibalism. All the details about this horrific real case are in the documentary series Jeffrey Dahmer tapes from netflixWhich includes conversations between the serial killer and his lawyer.

How did Dahmer, convicted of sexually assaulting a minor in 1988, avoid suspicion and police scrutiny as he chased the Milwaukee gay scene for victims, many of them people of color? This is what is asked From the current perspective, director Joe BerlingerIn the third part of his series Conversations with killerswho in his previous two parts made portraits of Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy.

The discovery of the apartment of the killer who became known as the “Miyawaki Butcher” shocked the United States and confounded his neighbors, angry that he was left at large for so long in the city. The true story of this killer who She was active with impunity between 1978 and 1991continues to raise questions about his motives and the responsibility of the Milwaukee police in the case.

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as happened with Dahmer On the day of its premiere, this documentary series also begins on the weekend Well positioned on the Netflix home screen To grab the attention of all users who enter the platform. Ryan Murphy’s series was an undeniable success, and was confirmed as one of the most watched series in Netflix history, with 299.84 million hours watched two weeks after its release.

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Conversations with a Murderer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes is available on Netflix.

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