Teletica is transforming recording studios

Teletica is transforming recording studios

Teletica produces a large number of live programmes. This type of programming requires powerful wireless audio systems, as dozens of microphones are used at the same time


Television requires many skills for the magic to reach every home through the screens and inside telepathy They are experts at doing this. It’s been 63 years providing entertainment and information to families in Costa Rica, and of course many years transforming and developing sound systems with Shure, so production is always at the top.

Today the channel has five recording studios and three additional channels that are part of the television group, and a variety of live programs that require the best audio and visual equipment to increase the audience. Similarly, Teletica has the latest technology shore So that everything works without problems and the calm of the technical team is part of the production.

Manri Vargas, director of Teletica Sound and audio specialist with over 30 years of experience, discusses how Axient Digital has literally transformed his business. “We are very pleased to own the Shure Equipment, Axient Digital has been a tool that has helped us a lot in improving the sound quality, as well as microphones and headphones, among other equipment we have been working with for several years.”

At Teletica, about 98% of audio systems, as well as microphone equipment, belong to the brand. “In recent years, we have implemented more solutions and updated technology. We have all kinds of systems, in addition to Axient Digital, powerful equipment that allows us to use smaller frequency ranges, and this helps us a lot in eliminating interference. Also, the integration of Axient Digital and ULX-D was With Dante Network it is very important. It gave us more color and quality to the sound”, adds Vargas.

Peace of mind for live programming
Teletica produces a plethora of live shows, for which Shure’s solutions have been invaluable. This kind of programming requires powerful wireless audio systems, where dozens of microphones are used simultaneously for all the artists on stage and there’s no room for error.

Mannery says Shure equipment made this job 90% easier. “The control we have with the monitoring system right on the console gives me a lot of peace of mind. Knowing if we have to change the battery without being in front of the stand eliminates the risk factor.” Which is that broadcasting a live program of three hours or more requires a robust infrastructure, clear, high-quality sound, and as the head of the audio department says: “You can’t cut out to solve a problem and your wireless devices must work flawlessly. With Axient Digital and PSM1000 transmitters, as well as Twinplex And ULX-D, I feel comfortable. They all work in the same system.

This facility is also essential on remote or open field transmissions. “We do live events with remote units and in those functions we include several systems without problems. The important thing is that journalists and talents feel comfortable and can do a survey (round the stage) without any setbacks. We have up to five forums running at the same time, without any kind of interference. “.

Teletica programming starts from five in the morning until midnight with multiple live broadcasts. They are also responsible for other channels that use the same recording studios, including TD + and TD + 2 sports, as well as XperTV and since 2020, through FUTV, they have broadcast the first section of Costa Rican Soccer Live.

“When it comes to Shure mics, we use up to 60 channels in our daily programming, not counting the use of speakers which can go up to 80+ channels to transmit audio per day without interference.”

In conclusion, Manri Vargas emphasized the quality of Shure products and the ease of use in each new solution. He stressed that Axient Digital has been such a valuable acquisition for the company, that today it is the channel with most of the Shure equipment in Costa Rica, and they appreciate buying a couple more for this year.

“Sound is not important until it fails. With Axient Digital, those worries no longer exist.” Finally, Vargas reinforces the commitment to viewers, “The audience needs to have the best audio and video quality in broadcasts. Teletica should offer the best as it has always done, deliver artistic quality and content. Shure has made my work much easier. I will always keep that in mind, as it removes a lot of headaches.”

telepathyproject’s data
Client Profile: Teletica is Costa Rica’s most important TV channel, with the largest audience in the country and extensive live programming. It is a 63-year-old company that remains at the forefront of technological innovation. It contains recording studios, forums, and live broadcasting spaces that demand flawless, high-quality sound.

Problems: Increasing the availability of channels to use the largest number of microphones and signal stability in their studios, as well as eliminating the levels of interference that can occur in these spaces.

Solution: via BansbachShure, a Costa Rica distributor, has installed Axient’s Digital Wireless Microphone System, as well as other brands’ sound-improving solutions in TV station studios.

Richard Santa, Raft

author: Richard Santa, Raft


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