Netflix opens Stranger Things store in Miami

Netflix opens Stranger Things store in Miami

As if immersed in Hawkins City, fans and followers as well as those who are curious about the world of “Stranger Things” will be able to visit the new pop-up that will only be available to the public during Halloween. It will be located in the Aventura Mall in Miami and there will be different scenarios that recreate the most famous places in the Netflix series.

Visitors will have the opportunity to pass through passages and “points” resembling an “inverted”; The upside-down world where Eleven and her friends have to face chilling monsters like Vecna, Season 4’s antagonist. In addition, in the middle of the tour, people will be able to purchase exclusive products related to the series.

As it was known, the theme store will open from October 26, just two days before Halloween. Netflix promoters, who are in charge of the organization, announced its opening on the eve of the celebration so that fans of the series could have a “unique and frightening experience.”

It is also known that in order to enter, no appointment will be required, but the organizers recommended that those interested make a reservation in advance and for free on the website. StrangerThings-store.comwhere you can find all the information related to the immersion event and the sale of exclusive products at this shopping center located in South Florida.

“We are thrilled to bring this exclusive experience to Miami and to give Stranger Things fans the opportunity to celebrate their love for this global phenomenon,” said Greg Lombardo, Head of Experiences at Netflix, in a statement.

In Hawkins, the fictional city of the series, all kinds of strange events happen and are set in the 80s, so it is to be expected that the different spaces that will maintain this atmosphere. In addition, it is known from the schedule that, according to the organizers, it will be available from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, and on Sundays from 11:00 am to 8:00 am. evening.

Likewise, it must be said that Netflix has already developed this pop-up store concept in other cities in the US such as New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. And on the European continent, it was in Paris and France. “In each of the cities it’s been installed in, it has turned out to be a success,” they say from Netflix.

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