The “Jerusalem Challenge” that everyone talks about on social networks


The Jerusalema Challenge has been stealing the smiles and the dancing performed by some Ugandan children is a real cure for hope, good feelings and lots of positive energy.

The children belong to Masaka Kids Africana, an organization that protects children who are left without parents, but receive food, healthcare and even education.

The expression of the dance generated a lot of sympathy She surpassed 750,000 followers during the first “Jerusalem Challenge”, But where does this infectious song come from?

“Jerusalem is my home, please come with me. Please protect me and do not leave me behind because Jerusalem is my home.” Confirms translation of lyrics into Spanish.

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It is performed by Nomcebo Zikode, and was produced by DJ and producer Master KG in December of last year, but so far with context The health emergency that has become commonplace on “TikToks”.

“I listened to the melody over and over again trying to get to know the singer I could share with because I’m a DJ, a producer. I wanted the song to be as spiritual as possible.” Express product by international media.

Thousands of copies, hundreds of comments, interactions and even replicas of their dances, kids have achieved more followers and more opportunities for help, from all over the world, Meaningful social media can be really helpful.

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