The last minute of the Mexican Grand Prix

The last minute of the Mexican Grand Prix

Max VerstappenAlready the 2022 World Champion, he went on to make history in Mexican GPa race in which the Dutchman and Hamilton again abandoned Sunday’s battle between the strategists, and in which Mad Max set the record for victories in one year, 14. For the Spaniards, this was an elimination: Sainz achieved what was expected, fifth, and Alonso left again.

The start at Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez marked a big battle on Sunday between two rivals who know each other well, Verstappen, who retained first place, and Hamilton, who overtook Russel to follow The man who stole the title last year. For the Spaniards, there were no surprises, as Sainz held fifth, remaining oblivious to the centers dance between Red Bull and Mercedes. Alonso for his part, He demonstrated for the thousandth time his mastery of the exit maneuver Overtake two cars for seventh place.

The two Mercedes cars came out by means, Waiting for Red Bull to deteriorate. The Dutchman’s wheels ran longer than necessary, and he didn’t enter the pit until lap 26, forcing Hamilton to get in early to find himself tough. And run it until it stops.

The two world champions complained about problems with their cars, the current champion pointed to the gearbox, while the seven-time world champion complained Drivers pointed to the engine.

The Spaniards remained somewhat oblivious to this, especially Carlos, as Ferrari chose to put the means and Wait for Alonso (5th) and Bottas (6th) stops., two “intruders” within the positions designated for the three strongest teams, to regain their initial position and attempt to fish for the platform in extremely turbulent waters. At that transition, there was a nice duel between Sainz and Alonso, which ended with It is easy to bypass the Madrilenian.

Meanwhile, at the helm of the race, Verstappen advanced away from Hamilton, waiting for the Dutchman’s wheel failure in his overtaking attempt. The world champion has already continued to advance Lap after lap with no one in the rear view Hamilton asked for clarifications from the wall, and insisted on waiting until the end. Verstappen’s verdict never came, and e . becameFor the first time in history, she won 14 races in the same season.

Before, in the rear, Alonso was once again dealing with mechanical problems with the gearbox. Overtaken by Ocon and RicciardoAnd the next picture of the pilot was signs of anger as he got out of the car without crossing the finish line.

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Formula 1, live: the last minute of the Mexican Grand Prix

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