“The long legacy of Lazaro Cardenas”: AMLO – Politics


Mexico City. General Lazaro Cardenas del Rio was a statesman with a social dimension whose legacy was so solid and broad that The clique, the neoliberal group, and the oligarchy have failed to destroy it in the four decades it has remained in powerPresident Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said. He added that Cardenismo ‘ethical principles, far from being outdated, are being restored by his government to foster transformation in the country.

The fiftieth anniversary of the general’s death was the interval that led to the reunification of the two main leaders of the left in recent years: Lopez Obrador and Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Solorzano.

At the Revolution Memorial, a Jiquilpan oath between the Cabinet and the Cárdenas family is also honored. The engineer shed light on his father’s legacy and the full respect he enjoyed for ideas without any restrictions for some expressed or for political positions.

It was clear that he was aware of his own capabilities and limitations, and he trusted the knowledge and standards of many others to move forward with obligations and problems. Never suspect others unnecessarily unless there are objective reasons for this. He created several task forces of which he was a part and not a person who, due to his recognized personality and path, necessarily set guidelines for the procedures to be followed.Added Cardenas Solorzano.

During his speech, Lopez Obrador identified the general as one of the inspiring figures in his government, who, having put an end to idealism, made transcendent decisions to change the country, becoming the height of the revolution. He raised the nationalization of oil and railways, and his social policy towards peasants and workers, in addition to one of the most beloved aspects of his government, which represented support for the Spanish Republic and the exiles.

General Cardenas was president who listened to the citizens, who lived with the humble and the dispossessed, who did not allow the position to separate it from the common people. He was without a doubt the president who expressed the most love and respect to the people, He said.

Nearly 90 years after the start of the government of Lazaro Cardenas, Lopez Obrador asserted that despite the profound changes that Mexico and the world have undergone, the moral principles of Cardenismo are far from outdated; On the contrary, they are an example to follow in this department.

It is particularly relevant and necessary for those of us who are bent on building a country that excludes no one, an economy that leaves no one out in the open, public morals that are evidence of profit and ambition, an institution that does not oppression and a state whose ultimate goal is the well-being of the population..

In his speech, Cuauhtemoc Cárdenas indicated that the general introduced himself to the reasons for revenge for the Mexican Revolution, seeking to transform his ideals into facts. He was convinced that the advanced positions of the Mexican Revolution were compatible with the principles of socialism. He condemned the murder of Robin Jaramillo and demanded the release of the railroad prisoners in the year 59 and the political prisoners in the year 68.

He imagined and fought for Mexico out of absolute respect for the rights and civil liberties of the people; With the extensive intervention of the state in the economy to ensure growth and a fair distribution of benefits between labor and capital; Complete the agrarian reform. The tribute to Lazaro Cardenas goes beyond flattery in his speech, so it is imperative that we address firmly and enthusiastically the reasons he supported..

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