Dominican film “Hotel Coppelia”, is among Forbes’ recommendations


The Dominican film “Hotel Coppelia” continues to appear internationally, after it was acquired by HBO for distribution to millions of users around the world. This time, it was the prestigious Forbes magazine that gave it space in its recommendations for this week to explore the various digital platforms.

“The best new movies to be broadcast on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Disney + and Peacock this week,” is the literal translation of the article signed by journalist Travis Bean. Nashla Bogaert, along with an outstanding cast of Dominican actors and actresses.

“Hotel Coppelia” is a drama based on historical events. The film is based on the Civil War of 1965, an event that marked the Dominican Republic forever.

American forces invade Santo Domingo, meanwhile the constitutional revolutionaries are preparing their offensive to defend the country from invasion. Young people involved in the movement make the famous cabaret “Kobilya Hotel” their base of operations, involve the prostitutes who work there in their plans, and change their lives forever.

The film traces the lives of five women during the civil war in the Dominican Republic. After the US military invaded the country to establish their own idea of ​​freedom, they realized that true freedom would require great personal sacrifice.

Moonrise Kingdom (Amazon Prime); Godzilla vs. Kong (HBO Max) “; “The Color Purple (Hulu)”, “Night at the Museum (Disney +)” “Concrete Cowboy (Netflix)” and “Wet Hot American Summer (Peacock)”, son of otras de las recomendaciones del experto en cine.

What does the article say

Each new month offers new opportunities for movie fans, especially those who have multiple subscriptions to several streaming platforms (like me). April will not be any different, with the biggest broadcast media offering dozens and dozens of new movies to choose from over the next few weeks.

And the first week is when we have the most options. As usual, the next seven days will feature a handful of new movies to choose from among the top six: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney + and Peacock.

Here are my personal recommendations for each streaming service. Then at the end of the article, you can find a complete list of all the new movies available for streaming this week.

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