On Netflix, all the boys you’ve ever liked get a minor


It turns out that Netflix Plans for a TV program derived from To all the boys, Based on Jenny Han’s Romantic Novel Series.

The original movie trilogy is based on the youth book series that traces the days of high school student Lara Jean Covey, who she has Bad luck That their love correspondence falls into the wrong hands.

The first installment of the movie trilogy, To all the kids I’ve fallen in love withIt was released in 2018 and some believe it If there is a boom in the romantic movement, it is thanks to this romantic comedy.

Catherine “Kitty” Song Covey is Lara and Margot’s younger sister. Netflix Pictures

Fans of the series were keen to know when the third part will be released. A while ago Lana Condor, The hero became known on the TV show Tonight Show with Jimmy FallowN news that she was in “post production”, but there is no specific date to see her.

Hahn herself is responsible for the role of the author and executive producer of the potential comedy and Anna Cathcart She is ready to reprise her role as Kitty.

Catherine “Kitty” Song Covey is Lara and Margot’s younger sister. Played before Anna Cathcart.

The first installment of the movie trilogy, "To all the kids I've fallen in love with"NETFLIX PHOTO, premiered in 2018

The first part of the movie trilogy “To All the Boys I Loved Before” was released in 2018. NETFLIX PHOTO

Sequel to To all the kids I’ve fallen in love with (To all the boys I’ve loved before In English) released on Wednesday, February 12 The date when it was publicly known that there would be another movie based on the book trilogy.

Kitty seems like a cool character enough to think about making her independent. In fact, it was praised by many viewers Cathcart is the true “scene thief”. The question hanging in the air is whether the author will be in a position to give the series the power he lost in the sequel to restore the audience from the original.

The second was not good

Movie franchise To all the boys He suffered a noticeable drop in quality after the first film, which made a series a possibility To be something much less promising. Other voices believe they are, in fact, the wheel to regain popularity for the project.

The second film deals with how the past has affected the present. And the third was that he believed that the future permeates the present. But there was a change in plans.

There is still no fixed date for the premiere of the sub-show.  Netflix Pictures

There is still no fixed date for the premiere of the sub-show. Netflix Pictures

In the final scene of the second movie, Lara Jane explains it “To get everything you have to risk everything.” She says that if she started again, she wouldn’t change anything because everything that happened made her the way she was. The message was a buffalo yawn.

Kitty coffee es la Who is manipulating Lara Jean’s letters Because Lara Jane was bothered that she loved Josh. But she plays a major role in bringing Lara Jane and Peter together.

Thinking about her personality, Kitty has long brown hair and brown eyes. In the movie, her hair changes color from brown to brown, she wears glasses and has freckles on her lip.

Unlike her sisters, She looks like her father, which is what makes her More Caucasian than Asia. Because of this, her hair color and eyes are much lighter than her sisters’ hair color.


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