The Materials Science and Technology Conference will be held on November 29-30 in Bilbao


UPV/EHU’s Bizkaia Aretoa will be hosted in Bilbao on November 29-30 materials science and technology conference, meeting on materials science and technology. this time, technically and the Euskampus Foundation They were responsible for organizing the conference.

The fifth edition of this conference, which takes place entirely in the Basque Country, has an extensive program working on topics such as:

  • Metal development, processing and characterization
  • Synthesis, processing and characterization of polymers
  • covers
  • Biological Sciences
  • environment
  • coverage

The MZT conference program also includes two conferences: Itxaso Ariza, by Rolls Royce, on November 29 with Hadith Why was it broken? (Adaptation of laboratory conditions to real conditions). And on November 30th Elias Unzueta, from Petronor, We will talk about it The Basque Hydrogen Corridor: New Challenges Towards Decarbonization.

In addition, a poster and delivery session will be held Gabriel Georgi Awards.

The full program is available on the MZT Congress website:

MZT Conference Glossary

One of the novelties of this year’s conference is the presentation of a glossary made of the glossary at the 2018 edition of the MZT conference.

The glossary was prepared by experts in materials science and technology, UZEI Center for Terminology and Lexicography, is bilingual (Basque/English), contains over 1,300 entries and each entry contains a field called context, a field in which an example is presented from the 2018 edition of the MZT conference in which the corresponding term is used. The ability to see the term in context is helpful in clarifying and using the concept.

Lexicon entries are categorized by knowledge areas and in this case adapted to the thematic classification used in the conference:

  1. material handling
  2. characterization techniques
  3. Material properties
  4. Industrial applications and uses
  5. materials and environment
  6. simulation and modeling

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