The Mexican Academy of Sciences rejects rule changes for entering the SNI

The Mexican Academy of Sciences rejects rule changes for entering the SNI

The Mexican Academy of Sciences And he indicated, through a statement issued on social media, his concern and rejection of the new priority method for entering the national system of investigators (SNi).

“The priority, first listed by evaluation committees this year, is of concern to the scientific community, given its potential implication that, although academic requirements are met, not all SNI members will receive the economic stimulus associated with their level,” reads on the information card.

For the Mexican Academy of Sciences, “the presence of more academics in the SNI reflects a positive scientific development of the country, but it would be a contradiction to punish the training of new generations.”

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They are also called the National Council for Science and Technology (CONASET) to manage the resources needed to support scientific activity in Mexico.

In recent weeks, the academic community has expressed dissatisfaction with the order of priority that Kunsett imposed on members of the SNI’s assessment committees, as it indicates that about 30% of applicants will be disqualified. Dr. Brenda Valderrama, M.D., MD, researcher at the Biotechnology Institute and a member of SNI explains that even when you meet the requirements, Globalism.

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With the reform of the SNI regulations, Conacyt implemented this priority criterion in the third for residents, that is, to accommodate them in order of priority in three categories:

Evaluators are asked to divide it into thirds: of the 30 files, 10 will be Class A, 10 will be Class B and 10 will be Class C. The point is that even if the 30 files are well rated, only 10 are accepted In the SNI with economic stimulus, another 10 will be accepted into the system, but without economic stimulus and the other 10 will be eliminated”, explains the researcher.

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