The Ministry of Health reduces the isolation through Covid-19 to 7 days


Mexico City /

The Ministry of Health has informed the medical units that the isolation of patients suspected of having COVID-19 is five to seven days, and no longer 14, because, he said, By that time they have stopped transmitting the virus.

According to update Consolidated guidelines for epidemiological and laboratory surveillance of viral respiratory diseases, Suspected cases related to people infected with covid-19, will stop spreading from the first symptoms and mainly on the sixth day, however, If the situation is conservative, it can be extended by seven days.

The document outlines cases that meet the definition of SARI They should be referred to a second or third level care unit of management.

It also recommended that Ag-RDT tests should only be used in patients who meet the operational definition of a suspected case of viral respiratory disease, so their application This should be done within the first seven days after symptoms appear.

Department Use and utility of antigen tests for SARS-CoV-2 (Ag-RDT) It targets all first-level epidemiological surveillance units and second- and third-level hospital care units, Members of the National Network of Public Health Laboratories and Personnel of the National Health System.

“Ag-RDT tests are not recommended as a first diagnostic option for asymptomatic people, due to their low sensitivity, so it is recommended to maintain quarantine and monitor the appearance of signs and symptoms for a molecular diagnosis.”

This is recommended by the Institute for Diagnostic and Epidemiological Reference (InDRE). Can be used as a complementary diagnostic tool in remote communities, Marginalized indigenous peoples, pregnant women, health workers and migrants.


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